John Philip Sousa Award

John Philip Sousa Award
2021-Brad Dice, trombone
2020-Patrick Thornton, percussion
2019-Jonathan Wu, flute
2018-Nolan Foreman, trumpet
2017-Brianna Brodeur
2016-Becky Bieber
2015-Mark Schwartz, clarinet
2014-Katie Brown, flute
2013-Rachel Holbrook, trumpet
2012-Jared Cooney, clarinet
2011-Evan Fojtik, flute
2010-Evan Barry, percussion
2009-Liz Botwin, flute
2008-Heather Kipnis, French horn
2007-Clare Stolarski, oboe
2006-Liz Eisenberg, flute
2005-Will Surdynski, clarinet
2004-Elena Turner, clarinet
2003-Janet Boutilier, flute
2002-Chris Schetter, French horn
2001-Michael Torchedlo, bassoon
2000-Candace Edstrand, saxophone
1999-Tony Corson, tuba
1998-Andrea Keating, bassoon
1997-Laura Haering, saxophone
1996-Liz Keil, trumpet
1995-Janet Priniski, oboe
1995-Rob Moran, clarinet
1994-Randy Micheletti
1993-Vic Polites, percussion
1992-Mary Lai
1991-Keith Milling
1989-Tom Beierle
1988-Eric Hamlin
1987-Adora Santos
1986-Nicole Lauren
1983-John Bonnichsen
!982-Amy Zimmer
1981-Philip Creighton
1980-Jeff Brincat

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