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Today in Study Hall, I started listening to the SF Jazz Collective. I've been a fan of what I've heard, but haven't really dug in and started listening to them in a big way. So far listening to their album on Stevie Wonder tunes I've been digging Superstition and Sir Duke. This is music that really makes sense. Mixing tunes that we grew up with more contemporary beats, but not letting go of the swing roots of jazz, this is what I love to hear.
SFJazz Collective – Music of Stevie Wonder and New Compositions: Live in New York 2011 - Season 8
The end of Superstition is SICK! 10:00 the unison lick-very cool. A group of stars, many of which are still not well known... Avashai Cohen on trumpet, Robin Eubanks on trombone, and oh my goodness Miguel Zenon... Lot of Latin influence in the group too... Check it out!

The SF Jazz Collective also got met thinking about one of their founders-someone I have been a fan of for a long time-Joshua Redman. His Tears in Heaven still has one of my all time favorite tenor sax licks-in fact the whole album is a repeated listen for my wife and I. I was pulled in by the quartet he's with-Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins. How could that be bad!

If all goes well, this will be a blog about music. What we're listening to, what we've heard, what you should be listening to. I hope to have guest entries into the blog that will help us find real music, not just the same old stuff everyone is listening to. Look for my first entry soon.

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