Incoming 8th graders

WELCOME Class of 2026!!!!!
We are so excited for you to join the band. Over the past 25 years the band has grown into one of the largest group in the high school. We know that you may still be on the fence about whether to sign up for band or not. Here are some reasons that we hope you'll consider for joining us:
  • You get to develop your musicianship to an even higher and more enjoyable level.
  • It’s a great Musical Experience!
  • Band is an academic subject and can be taken for regular or honors credit.
  • Band meets every day for a full class period.
  • Trips every three years to places like London, Dublin, Disneyworld, New York, Toronto, San Diego, Columbus, New Orleans, Madrid and Paris. Our next trip is scheduled for this year-but we are still waiting to see if we can be approved.
  • Audition to join jazz band as a class for credit.
  • Lots of social connections – Band is a friendly place in a big school.
  • Opportunities to switch to new instruments, including trombone, baritone, tuba, bass clarinet, french horn bassoon and oboe.

There's a reason that 96% of last year's band signed up for band this year, including 100% of freshmen and sophomores! Once you're in the band, you find out how great it really is and you don't want to quit.  Come find out for yourself!

       All 8th graders will be members of the marching band. Marching band begins during the summer.
These dates are essential to the success of the band, please set them aside when you make summer vacation plans.

CALENDAR 2022-2023 (confirmed)

*Drumline auditions: scheduled in May
*Late May, Early June : 9-11AM  Percussion Sectional-Percussion only
*July 18, 19, 20, 21:  8AM-12PM   Drumline Rehearsals
*July 19, 21: 8-10AM Freshmen & Sophomore Marching Days (2 days only)
*July 25-27 Band Camp @ Carthage College, Kenosha-Everyone

Your attendance is very important!
You will receive two mailings through e-mail. It will be sent to wherever you get your e-school e-mails, one at the beginning of the summer and one approximately three weeks before camp.


Students must be in 8th grade band to join high school band. If a student has an interest in switching to an instrument that helps balance the band, this should be discussed with a director. Instruments that could be considered due to ongoing instrument shortages: Bassoon, Tuba, Bari Sax, Baritone, French Horn, Oboe. Depending on the situation, money might be available for a short private lesson scholarship to get the students started on the instrument. Students may not switch without instructor approval.

Are you from another school other than Middle School South or North?  Please contact Mr. Thompson at 847-540-4319 or so you can be added to our mailing list. We'd love to have you, but don't want you to miss out on summer activities for freshmen!

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