Friday, February 21, 2014

Composer to visit LZ wind ensemble

Next Tuesday, composers Jess Langston turner will be working with the lake Zurich wind ensemble. Mr. Turner composed a piece for the consortium for the advancement of wind band literature, of which lake Zurich is one of huge 10 members. Each year a new composer is chosen to compose a piece for the group of schools.
This year is piece entitled Noche Triste is an exciting work that will be premiered at the annual lake Zurich wind ensemble invitational concert on.March 14. We look forward to learning a lot more about the composers intent and really working to play it the way he wanted it to sound. This will be a great chance for the band to see what it's like to compose new music and be part of the first performance of a new piece. For more information on the consortium, visit
For more info on mr. Turner see his website at

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