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Curriculum Night 2015

Welcome Parents 2015-2016!!!                       Our Philosophy of Music EducationEveryone can be successful in music and enjoy it. Art education is unique and enriches our life It fosters creativity, expressiveness and appreciation of beauty. Grows the creative side of the brain, unique to the arts. Develops commitment and self discipline Creates friendships. Our Expectation Do your best. Respect those around you. PerformancesMandatory-they are our exam/summative assessmentsPolicies stated in the handbook (available in canvas) Uniforms cleaned once over summer, other cleanings are responsibility of the student. Concert uniform includes a pair of black dress pants, ALL BLACK shoes and socks and a tuxedo shirt which will be ordered in October through us for about $16. Ladies will be given a dress and should wear black hose and shoes. Performance DatesWE/SB/CB December Concert- Dec. 10WE Only: At University of Illinois in conjunction with U of I Concert Band (Tuesday night)- Feb 23WE/SB/CB Marc…


The new year is upon us. The band just got back from Northwestern Band Day-representing Lake Zurich amongst more that 2000 HS and college musicians at halftime of the NU-Stanford Game.
We are less than 2 weeks from our first Home Football game and anxiously awaiting performing for  twice as many people in our new bleachers.
Lots of great things in store-check back for more posts, or better add us to your RSS feed so you know when new things are added. Also check for the lastest band info.