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Do Hard Things!

A new year of school is upon us. My motto for the year comes from a book I've been reading about two teenagers who write about "the Myth of Adolescence" The book (and my motto) are "DO HARD THINGS." In other words, I'm trying to encourage students to have higher expectations for themselves and to try things that they don't think they can do. How often do we work toward goals that we feel are unachievable, only to find that we can do it. George Washington was leading troops prior to the Revolutionary war when he was 14! The word teenager did not appear until the 1940s. Prior to that kids went straight from youth to adulthood.

It's going to be a great year!

LZ Jazz CD-"Blow It Out" 2009

Well, We're going to do another CD. I'm really happy with the way the bands are sounding and I really want to archive it for the future. Legacy Productions is going to record us and we have to sell 120 CDs to break even. The CD will feature Feels So Good, In Her Family, All That Jazz, La Suerte De Los Tontos, and much much more! It will have the Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, and Funky Premier-jazz combo on it and will sell for $20. We just want to break even-making a CD is an expensive proposition.

Interested in getting one-contact me!

New Orleans 2009

If I was a really big time blogger, I'd be going to town this week. So many cool things are happening on our Jazz Bands trip to New Orleans. Today we dropped off donated instruments to the Tipitina's foundation that will be used to help supply some needy kids here in NOLA. We also did an exchange concert with the band kids at Cohen High School.

We showed up around 2:00 and went into the band room to set up-their band kids were already there sitting around for our performance. As in any new environment, there was an air of uncertainty, but as we began to play everyone began to settle down and start to have fun. When we finally got to The Jody Grind, the Cohen students began to clap along a little bit and you could tell some of them were starting to enjoy it. At that point, we convinced some of their percussionists to join us on a Second Line groove tune. They like playing loud.. but they were having fun and enjoying it-breaking down more of those walls. Then they got up to play…