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2010-2011 LZ Band Year in Review

It's time for me to blog again! It's been too long. I think it's probably good to reminisce a little about the past year in the Lake Zurich HS Band. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable year for me, filled with many solid performances and a great trip to San Diego.
Band camp in August was a great beginning. We have some of the best students and it was very apparent with their hard work and willingness to try new things. We actually spent time learning parade turns, and while we did not end up using them this year, it was good to stretch our marching abilities. I hope that continues. Our 3 drum majors-Krystyna, Julie and Rachel were outstanding this year-and they really set a tone for excellence at band camp. They also did a good job of making everyone feel like an important part of the band. Our shows this year were the Beatles & Superheros, culminating in our 14th annual dance at halftime of the Homecoming show to the rock beat of Aerosmith's "Spiderman.&quo…